damier ebene speedy 35? or Damier Ribera MM?

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  1. hello everyone could someone please help me decide on which style is nicer? the damier ebene speedy 35? or damier ribera MM?

    btw I really am a lover of huge bags hahahhaha

    and I really wanna know how big is the ribera MM when carried..

    I am 5'3 and asian built... lol! thank you!!!! ;)

  2. I prefer the Damier 35 out of the 2 bags.
  3. Love the speedy 35! I have an azur and it's such a great bag!
  4. I thought so too!

    wonder why the ribera mm is that expensive?? LOL whatcha guys think? and im really curious what it looks like when worn? hihihi any of you guys have an idea? hihihi
  5. hi im 5.1 asian hahaa...my picture is with the speedy 35 and its so perfect..its softer when things are in it..so i think i might prefer it over the rivera but i havent seen it in life myself..is it smaller than the 35?? is it more stiff?? it looks cute too though
  6. Hi Wangmei, I have both bags and love them both but I have to say I use the Speedy 35way more. The Ribera MM is beautiful but it's more structured and stiff and the zipper is not always easy to close quickly whereas the Speedy feels more versatile and can be taken to the mall or to a formal dinner. The sizing would be no problem for you, by the way, I LOVE:love: big bags too and I'm only 5'2!

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  7. definitely get the speedy! i think it's more useful than the ribera.
  8. I find the Speedy 35 easier to get stuff in and out of much easier than the Ribera MM.:biggrin:
  9. speedy for sure!
  10. RIBERA!! its gorgeous and classy. plus its not as common and imo its more stylish and dressier then the speedy
  11. Speedy!!!!
  12. I don't have a Damier Speedy 35, but I have a Mono Speedy 35 and the Ribera MM. I would say the Damier is a little more easier to carry as an everyday bag.
  13. ribera . . . unique and beautiful!
  14. Damier Ebene Speedy 35
  15. HELLo everyone!!! thanks for your help! I will get the speedy ebene 35 first... and then I will definately get the ribera on my birthday this october.. yey!!!!!!!!!! i soooo love it!!!!!!!