Damier Ebene - Speedy 30 or Saleya PM?

  1. Hi, ladies! This is my first post and I'm very excited to hear your opinions on which bag I should choose. I'm having a hard time deciding. Thanks in advance.
  2. speedy 30!
  3. i have both... i'd say the speedy is has a more classic shape...

    but on the other hand the seleya das longer straps and you can carry it on your shoulder, too.. it's good for shopping, when you try to pull up clothes with both hand to see how it looks and stuff...

    oh, and the seleya doesn't sag like the speedy, cuz it has tougher interior...

    but yeah... love the speedy more...
  4. i think the speedy gives you more bang for your buck, but the saleya is beautiful as well. if i could only choose one, it would be the speedy :yes:
  5. Speedy 30!!!
  6. speedy! I had the saleya pm but sold it coz it seemed to lose its shape when I had tons of stuff in it. Got too bulky. You will never go wrong with a speedy unless you prefer a shoulder bag.
  7. I have both bags and I would recommend the speedy any day!
  8. speedy!
  9. speedy 30!
  10. I like the Speedy. Never really liked the Saleya
  11. I vote Speedy 30!
  12. SPEEDY for sure!
  13. I'm not a fan of the Saleya, so I'm saying Speedy for sure!
  14. Welcome! I think you should get the Saleya PM!
  15. I say the Saleya PM b/c you can put it on your shoulders. I hate traveling, shopping, and running errands with a hand-held bag. It gets in the way.