damier ebene or mono?

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  1. Just curious what everyones opinion is on the different patterns. I have always been a die hard mono fan, but the more I look at the damier in the store I fall more in love...especially knowing the handles will never change color so, it won't look as aged the older it gets....but the mono just seems so classic to me!! so torn!! whats everyones opinion??
  2. ebene:biggrin:
  3. mono. I find ebene boring plus you have to worry about the possibility of peeling.
  4. I have had an ebene 30 made in france for one year and it looks lovely! No peeling. Also ebene is more subtle. But it's about personality. Some people have a more subtle taste than others. Or even somedays you might feel more like mono and choose a mono bag, other times less so and opt for an ebene.
  5. I hadn't heard of peeling..is that on the handles?
  6. Yes some people have said their ebene's peel. I was afraid to get one for a long time because of it but nothing happened with mine.
  7. Another vote for Ebene!
  8. I guess it depends on the day. If I had the perfect Damier bag, I would wear it - but all my really comfy bags are mono. When I really want to go under the radar, Epi is the way to go :P
  9. It depends on the bag! My favorite is probably mono in vernis and I can't wait to see the new Empreinte!
  10. I like both and have bags in both prints. However, I have a stronger preference for mono in general.
  11. Please do a search as there are lots of existing threads on this topic that you can read and post in. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.