Damier Ebene and Mono Macassar. Formal vs Casual

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  1. Two of my favourite prints. I've always meant that the darker Mono Macassar is the more formal of the two, while DE is a bit more casual. A mono belt f.ex is more suitable for a "dress-up" attire than a DE belt.
    Darker colors are often concidered as more formal, while lighter colors are more casual.
    -So which one is more formal? Macassar or DE. What's your opinion?
  2. between only mono and DE I would normally say the ebene is more formal but comparing the macassar with the ebene I agree - the macassar is more formal. I have a mirage speedy in noir and use it for dressier occasions and my DE bags are my everyday bags. Got rid of everything else in mono.
  3. I do not think the Monogram belt is more formal than Damier Ebene at all! Monogram is too flashy to be formal, especially on a belt. On a bag, it can be dressed up nicely. But not on a belt. Damier Ebene can be casual or it can be very formal. It's the best of both worlds.
  4. You have a point there.
  5. I somewhat disagree. I would rather wear DE in a 'dress up' or formal situation. I wouldn't want to wear the big LVs for a formal event. It would draw way too much attention.
  6. I think this belt is appropriate to wear under a blazer jacket in a business setting. I agree that a mono belt with a mono buckle would be too much

  7. Hehe 😃 I disagree, I would never wear that belt in a business situation! I think the belt is very pretty, but I would wear it to go out or wear it with jeans to run errands.

    But... do whatever makes you happy!!! I am sure lots of people would not want to dress like me!
  8. Yes, off course with jeans! I would never wear such type belt with a suit.