Damier Ebene Alma BB but which one?

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  1. IMG_8856.jpg

    I like to add the Alma BB in Damier Ebene to my LV collection but I can’t decide between these two.

    I love the Karakoram a little bit more but I’m afraid it’s too trendy and will be dated.

    Please share your honest opinion and help me out.

    The current LV bags I own:
    Monogram NF MM
    Damier Ebene NF MM
    Monogram Pochette Metis
    Damier Ebene Speedy B25
    Monogram Favorite MM

  2. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. The Karakoram one, to me, doesn’t seem trendy. It’s a piece like the Totem speedy or the Alma BB with the stones, one of a kind but can be used for many years to come.
  3. I would go with the Karakoram. I think it will stand the test of time. Plus it's just more unique and not as over saturated as the regular DE one - which I also love btw, but it's nice to have something a little different sometimes.
  4. I prefer the first one, the classic one. Yes I think the Karakoram one will be dated. We're in October now, so 2018 is almost over. Karakoram will forever be a 2018 bag in my eyes.

    Unless the pattern really appeals to you or resonates with you somehow. Otherwise I don't suggest getting any LE bags. LE small leather goods, on the other hand, I think are a better investment. But not the bags. Just me.
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  5. Classic. I think in a few years you might be sick of the other one. Can’t go wrong with classic. Always in style.
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  6. I would choose the original classic one.
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  7. Love the details of the karakoram but for me i'll go for the classic. coz the karakoram for me will be dated. i think one day ill get tired of looking at it knowing myself i keep changing my mind so i'd better go classic. Goodluck
  8. Karaokram is beautiful and would add some variety to your collection. But the classic Alma BB is more versatile; you’d probably get more use out of it than the Karaokram. I have the classic Alma BB in DE and it is my most used bag because it goes with everything in my wardrobe and for every purpose.
  9. I love the Karakoram but recently decided to limit purchasing limited edition items Bc if they are ever deemed defective you can’t get a replacement, only store credit for the cash value. Given that LV increases their prices a couple of times a year, you are better off getting a bag that can be replaced.
  10. Agree with classic too!
  11. I think I’m the outlier here, but i’d vote Karakoram every time! It is even more stunning in person! I may be bias because I saw it in person and had to purchase it immediately. I purchased the Speedy although I did prefer the Alma - it was just way too small for my needs. I don’t think it will look dated as much as “seasonal”. It won’t be a bag I ever take out in the spring/summer. But I think it is great with fall clothes and holiday decorations! Pick what makes your heart sing, not because it is a “classic”.
  12. Classic gets my vote
  13. Limited edition gets my vote....unique and not as common.
  14. Call me boring but I prefer the classic, it already has a lot going on with the pattern and hardware for such a small bag, the other one seems so busy and harder to coordinate with clothing.
    Only get LE if you really really love it, gld and happy shopping!
  15. Classic