Damier Duomo

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  1. The Duomo is not available on eluxury.com. Does anyone know the price of this bag? Thanks!
  2. I think its $1200 here :biggrin:
  3. Thanks Noriko!
  4. i talked to my SA not too long ago, and they were really surprised that the Duomo sold like it did...when I got mine for Christmas, there were tons in stock...then all of a sudden they just started selling like hotcakes. the duomo was my first damier piece, and i'm so glad i have one...it can be dressed up or down, and for me, is the perfect size...if I never get a damier speedy, I won't be too mad, because the Damier = LOVE.

    Like everyone else said, it was $1200 before the price hike, so call 866-VUITTON for more info.

  5. It's interesting what ends up selling well, eh? Just goes to show that it can be very hard to predict sometimes. The Duomo didn't get alot of hype - it just kind of "appeared". Compare that to the denim line which got comparatively more hype but reactions were mixed.
  6. The duomo is gorgeous in pics. I know you've had it for a little while, but Congrats! I'd love to get that bag.

  7. This too was my first Damier piece....I just adore my Duomo sooo much. Really nice size and fits everything really well. :LOVE: it!

  8. I think it might still be $1200 here with the price hike :lol: Since prices are a bit lower here.
  9. i just got the duomo. it was 1300+ after taxes. i'm so nervous to carry it...
  10. Why are you nervous? I carry mine with no doubts. Its totally indestructable. I got caught my first weekendout with it in the pouring rain and I just wiped it off. Its so great!
    Enjoy it!
  11. This is good to know! It actually made me feel better about carrying my LVs more often.
  12. Anyone have a picture of the duomo? Eluxury doesn't have it.
  13. Here's mine:


  14. Here is a picture of mine.
    I personally think the Duomo looks better IRL.