Damier Duomo

  1. I loooove the Damier Duomo.:heart: To all Duomo owners: can you please post pictures of this gorgeous bag, and if possible of the inside as well...

    What kind of reactions do you get when you carry this bag?

    Thanks alot!
  2. Do a search in this area...many threads and pictures have been posted :smile:
  3. I am absolutely in love with the Duomo too. :love: *sigh*
  4. I've noticed some pics and articles already, but love to see more...;)
    Can you carry this bag on your shoulder, or is it just handheld?

  5. No its definitly a handheld bag. Unless you're Nicole Ritchie or something :lol:
  6. I am in love with this bag too..... I would love to add it to my collection sometime in the near future!
  7. I saw the Duomo earlier at the LV store @ Macy*s on 34th st, its a beautiful bag! get it!!.
  8. I too love the Duomo but whenever I see it all I can think is it that I could get 2 Damier speedy 30's for the same price (or better yet: a Damier and a Mono!)
  9. I like the duomo also but end up getting the damier speedy 30 instead. So far, I'm loving the bag, alot.:smile:
  10. Duomo definitely makes my top five!

    ValleyOppressed: two Speedies? so what! We're talking the Dumom here!!! hahaha :smile:

    xoxo L.
  11. *** Duomo
  12. I Love it TOO!!! but it's too big for me.. so I'm returning it...:crybaby: