Damier Duomo?? :)

  1. Hi

    I've just bought a beautiful Duomo :yahoo:I have seen others here on pf, and seen on LV's homepage that it has a brass ring in one end of the zipper. Mine don't !! - Do any of you have one like mine??
  2. I had to check out the LV website to understand where the D-ring in question was. Nope, mine doesn't have the ring either.
  3. maybe i'm slow...but i'm not getting what you're saying. i don't see a d-ring on the zipper on the elux pic?
  4. On the main LV website: www.vuitton.com, there is a short video, and it shows a D-ring on one side of the bag.

    Took me a while to figure it out as well.
  5. Hi cili_padi ....Thanks for looking! .... Here are a picture of mine, and a picture of one from ebay :smile:
    Ring.JPG Ebay.JPG
  6. Yes! That's what I talking about :smile:
  7. oh okay. i am slow...i went to elux and not lv.com

    yes, mine does have that.
  8. Thanks :smile: - Isn't that strange?
  9. Does yours have the ring? :smile:
  10. Could it be that the newest don't come with the ring? ... mine is made June 2006.
  11. that is what i'm thinking...i got mine in December 05.

    the popincourt hauts did the same thing...the newer version don't have the d-ring on the inside, but the older version do.
  12. Ohh... that one too! ... Well, that must be the it. Thanks for the info. :smile:
  13. I bought my Duomo in January and mine has the D ring.
    That sucks the new ones dont have it. I really like that part!!!
  14. I can't have yours then? :roflmfao::lol::roflmfao:
  15. I knew yours did have the ring - it was your beautiful picture of all your bags that got me to buy Duomo :graucho:.... Thanks! - I'm very happy with mine though - it's beautiful! :love: