Damier Duomo?

  1. Anyone -what about the duomo-is it worth the 1210.00 US just b/c of the detail and hardware? Or do you suggest something else? I also like the deauville bag, but am weary of the monagram. I really luv damier print, so please help! Is the duomo a nice size /more big than small???????

  2. Duomo is such a gorgeous bag, but I really think that the Speedy is almost the same style and half the price. I know how you feel about the monogram, though! I looooooove the Deauville. :love: I would wait for the Damier Speedy if you are weary of monogram.
  3. i think the duomo is the perfect size for somebody who doesn't like small/tiny bags but doesn't want to carry around a tote.......but like sina i totally think that for that price i'd wait and opt for the damier speedy......i actually like it more and of course it costs substantially less (meaning you can get yourself a matching wallet :lol:), and i think as a casual everyday bag it's slightly more slouchy silhouette works better
  4. It's a substantial bag though, and I really like the shape and detailing on it. I actually think it may be worth that 1.2k.. :amazed:
  5. I think it's worth it. The detail makes it so.
    Go for it!
  6. I have the Damier Duomo and a Speedy and there is NOT comparison. The detailing, the structure, the finishing touches. No comparison. It is very pricey. But if you want something structured its beautiful. Its very regal looking. The inside has the most beautiful lining.
    Good luck
  7. I think the Duomo far exceeds the Speedy and is worth the bigger price. It's more detailed, has much more structure and is NOT going to sag which is the #1 reason why I don't care for the Speedy. You could wait to see the Damier Speedy to make up your mind to be safe--but I think the Duomo is better!
  8. my thoughts exactly...
  9. I love the Duomo - totally worth it!
  10. I'm on a waiting list for the Speedy... but I have the Duomo in my wish list anyway ;)
  11. Oooooooooh I'd say it really depends on how much you love the damier canvas - if its your absolute favorite LV print, then my vote would be to save up for the Duomo - it looks so gorgeous and its on my (very long and impossible) wish list.:love:

    Having said that the Damier speedy loooks like its going to be real classy looking too. Just depends what you think you'd feel more comfortable and happy with carrying every day.
  12. Why not ask to see if the Deauville can be made in Damier? Someone posted pics of theirs in Epi..
  13. Is the duomo also known as the Doctor's bag?
  14. You can special order a Deuville Damier. It'll take 6 months to make and I'm not sure about the price. =)

    I've seen the Duomo and its a beautiful structured bag!
  15. What kind of lining does duomo have? is it like Saleya?