Damier Duomo or Manhattan GM?

For my first LV purchase, I am deciding between the Damier Duomo and Manhattan GM. They are both beautiful bags, and I am torn. I know the Damier is easier to care for due to its lack of vachetta. Any other pros and cons?

Side question - why is the Duomo so much more expensive than the Speedy? I see that the Manhattan has a lot more hardware, but it doesn't seem to me that the Duomo has that much more hardware compared to the Speedy.


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Resting B!tch Personality
Feb 20, 2006
i have both so it's extremely difficult to choose. the Manhattan is a beautiful bag, but it tends to get a little heavy, and sometimes the strap gets a little tedious. the Duomo is much easier to carry, and it's very low-maintenance, plus it has such an elegant look to it


Aug 22, 2006
I love both...but have the Duomo. Love the Duomo!
The Duomo might be more expensive compared to the Speedy because of all the stitching & work that went into it. The Duomo is made of more pieces I believe. Plus it has "posts" or "bottom hardware" that it can rest on. (sorry forgot what they're called).


Jan 26, 2006
The Duomo is extremely well made and structured. Alot of details that the Speedy does not have. NO comparison between the two. That being said, I would go for the GM. Its iconic IMO. LV Chic! I have owned the Duomo and its more of a winter bag IMO. But the GM to me is year round!