!!!!!Damier Dilemma!!!!!

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  1. Which would you get?
  2. Alma MM for sure. :smile:
  3. Wouldn't that be great!
  4. Trevi! Love the shape!
  5. Omg I actually want all three lol but I would love a Alma MM
  6. trevi pm :tup:
  7. Alma but if you don't want to wait then Trevi :smile:
  8. Alma!!
  9. I vote for the Trevi!
  10. I'm there with ya. :smile:
  11. Berkely!
  12. Trevi pm!

    That's what I bought today, and she is gorgeous!!!! :biggrin:
  13. What is the waiting and hoping part - is the Alma MM already available in Damier but just not in stock, or is it not even 'invented' yet? If it's just out of stock I'd wait.. if you're waiting for them to start making it, like I'm hoping the Icare will come out in Macassar, well I can't wait that long! :lol:

    Of the other two choices I'd go Berkeley. :yes:

    PS:- Sophia, congrats on your Trevi! :drinkup:
  14. Trevi!!
  15. Trevi!!