Damier dilemma


Which one?

  1. Duomo

  2. Balem MM

  3. Speedy 30

  4. other?

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  1. I want to buy an ebene damier but am undecided! Please help me choose and tell me why you think so... all comments are super helpful since I am NOWHERE near a LV boutique (nearest one 1500 miles in Seattle) Thanks everybody!!!!

    photos courtesy of elux
    Duomo $1330.00:

    Balem MM $1320.00
    balem MM.jpg

    Speedy 30 $620.00
  2. :yes: oh yeah- the Hampstead MM :heart: is already considered "purchased" I just need to find one, these are in addition to the Hampstead... thanks
  3. Belem MM & Hampstead ;)
  4. Speedy, especially for the price! =)
  5. Balem. It fits the shoulders too.
  6. I am a speedy girl :yes: I think it's really great shape, size and price!!!! (think perhaps about a speedy and a mini pochette?? ;) )
  7. Thanks for all the input!
  8. Balem:yes: it's awesomely cute
  9. Comfortable on the shoulders, cute, and love those extra outside pockets.
  10. I love handheld bags, but since you already got the Azur Speedy, I'd go for the Duomo

    Somehow I find the shape of the Belem kinda awkward :shame:
  11. the duomo has a doctor's satchel look and although I am a premed student I don't want to seem like I have a big head or anything

    I know I shouldn't worry about what other people think, but my *hometown* is about 4000 people and everybody knows everybody's business...

    google pictures-- Barrow, Alaska
  12. Frozen, at least your town is larger than mine. There's only 50 ppl in my neck of the woods and about only 1999 actually residents in the entire town.

    I agree, the Duomo does look like a doctor satchel.
  13. I like the speedy.
  14. :wtf: I'm not kidding you when my eyes opened up reading how many people live in your town!

    I'm still so sorry about your pretty pretty pretty SUPER pretty cles'!!!!!!!!!

    it just sucks coming from an Alaskan village- my plane ticket (hour and half ride- three week advance ticket) is around 500 roundtrip.....:cursing:
  15. haha- I laughed out loud when I read my own response.

    how could I be complaining about a ticket price when I spend so much on these handbags?

    oh yeah- wait--- I HATE flying. scared of it.