Damier Desk Agenda?

  1. Does a Damier Desk Agenda exist? I remember making a list of things to buy by the next month and I wrote this down. Looking back at Eluxury and the Vuitton site it is not available anymore. Maybe I dreamed about it? :crybaby:
  2. Just checked my lv catalog, and I don't see a damier desk agenda. Not sure if used to be made, I've only belonged to lv since March.
  3. Yes, it did exist. I remember drooling over it! Call 866 and ask...:yes:
  4. I chatted with Gloria, an eluxry sales rep, and she told me that it does not exist in Damier. After Addy has responded in this thread I decided to try again with a different eluxury sales rep, Sophia, and she confirmed it's availability in Damier. I am so confused. It is too late to call me local store and I am dying to know.
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