Damier + Dentelle?

  1. Does anyone have any opinions on carrying a Dentelle wallet with a Damier bag? I know some people don't like mixing the monogram with other prints, but I think when you match everything, it becomes a bit much.

    On a related note, does anyone have an opinion on whether or not the red lining in the Damier bags would 'bleed' or rub off on the Dentelle lace? Does anyone carry this combination?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i have damier alma with a reddish orange lining and so far it hasn't bled onto my azur cles. but i don't own any dentelle piece so i don't know how it will affect the lace.
    as far as mixing and matching- it really depends on you. i've mixed damier with pomme vernis, monogram with damier, monogram with azur, etc. i sometimes carry all damier or all vernis. i think it's ok to mix the differentpatterns. some people actually prefer that to the matchy-matchy thing.
  3. I mix and match my stuff all the time.
  4. I like to mix rather than match.
  5. i prefer matching but i could see it gets boring quick
  6. I like mixing it up
  7. I am interesting to know.....