Damier Deauville - Discontinued?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I checked eluxury for this bag and can't find it. Has it been discontinued? Do I have to go into a store to purchase it? Please let me know..

    Thanks :smile:

  2. The Deauville was never made in Damier. I have one I had to special order it. I wore it today--love it!!!
  3. The Damier Deauville is a Special Order and it'll take about 6 months to get it. I have a couple of bags Special Order in the Damier and that's how long I have to wait. But I think it is worth it because it'll be special and not to many people has it.
  4. The bag is amazing.. I had a SO Damier Deauville and it's the most fabulous bag ever. I miss it! Well worth getting one made, it'll last a lifetime and no patina worries. In Monogram it's really hard to find one where that large vachetta piece on the front patinaes evenly.
  5. I am jealous :smile: How does the special order process work? Do you have to pay for the bag in full up front, or do you have to put down a deposit? If you don't want to answer this question, I won't be offended --> Was the purse more than $2000? Just want to have an idea before I go in the store so I'm not embarassed :sad: Thanks again!
  6. It was 2 yrs ago I think it was close to this price. I believe you have to pay at least 1/2 down. But I really forgot. I have used this all week. I saw Jlo with this in mono in a photo years ago and wanted it so bad. But I am not a big fan of vachetta.
  7. Special Order is a great service. Expect an 8 month wait and a deposit of 50%. You can order from a list of products that are normally not produced, or you can sit down with a specialist and create the bag or travel good of your dreams....As long as it is portable, is an item used for travel, no small items are considered and it must be within the aesthetic guidelines of the company

    If I had the money I would have made a Bisten in Damier Graphite with Purple Alcantara lining....yummy!