Damier, Damier, Damier...

  1. Will they make the lockit in damier ? It seems they moved quick with the epi :smile:
  2. SO one :graucho:
  3. Bag hasnt been out longer enough to s/o.
  4. What does "s/o" mean?
  5. special order.
  6. You'll probably be able to do it after two years if I'm not mistaken, nothing beats a failure but a try, give them a call!
  7. I would say probably seeing the popularity of the lockit and rapidly expanding damier.
  8. I would love to see a damier lockit come out and also a vernis and multicolor ones would be nice to.
  9. i was attracted into this thread due to the title LOL...

    a vernis lockit would be nice...

    actually i like the lockit shape!

    ok ...back to the topic..
    i would LOVE to have one in damier!
  10. I would like it in azur.
  11. I'd love to see the lockit in other patterns...damier and MC would be nice!!
  12. Oh, I agree. A vernis lockit would be tdf!!
  13. I'd love to see an AZUR alma..... :smile:
  14. That would rock!
  15. Wouldn't a Damier lockit be incredibly similar to the Saleya? If not in form, than at least in size and function?