Damier color variation

  1. Last week I was at our local LV and tried on the parioli--loved the sleek practicality, but something didn't look right. Then, I set my saleya next to it, and it was obvious that there was a huge color difference. To the extent that browns can be vibrant, thae damier colors usually are. But, the parioli was pale, almost with an army green hue where the lighter brown should be.

    The SA tried to convince me that the parioli is always that way because they use a more structured fabric. Huh? None of the other structured damier peices looked that way and they only had one parioli, so I ordered from elux.

    Got it today and it's beautiful--no strange coloration at all, and it perfectly matches the colors in my saleya.

    So, loving my parioli, but not so happy with that SA.....
  2. i know that sometimes with the damier pieces, the colour does tend to fade after use
    i've placed my damier pieces next to each other and you can see that the ones which i used more often were not as vibrant and the colour is duller.

    i supposed it could be due to the fact that the parioli was the only one in the store and it had been handled quite a bit
    and maybe it was under the spot lights all the time ..
    which could explain why the colour was duller

    but good choice purchasing it from elux instead
    i hope you enjoy your new bag!
  3. Does the monogram canvas also have this problem?
  4. Congratulations on your Parioli! Nice tote.

    Did you get the Saleya PM, MM, or GM? Can you wear the Saleya on your shoulder? Also, which bag holds more...the Saleya or the Parioli?
  5. I have the saleya PM and I love it.

    I think that they will both hold about the same--the saleya is wider, but the pariorli is taller. They both fit a medium purseket perfectly.

    The main difference is shoulder vs. handheld. The saleya does fit on my shoulder but not comfortably. Only the bigger sizes are meant to be worn on the shoulder.
  6. Yes, the Monogram Canvas does fade with time, especially when it is exposed to sun.
  7. Thanks for the info, ck21. Aside from the difference of one being handheld and the other being a shoulder bag, which one is more practical and useful as an everyday bag? I have already gotten the parioli through e-lux but am debating whether to exchange it for the saleya pm. :wondering Could you tell me what occasions you would use either bag for since you now have both? (Lucky you!) That might help me make my decision. Thanks!
  8. The parioli will be my bag of choice for a long shopping day, travel, or other times when I want my hands free. It also has an outside pocket, which is a plus.
    The salyea works better for occasions when I will be in and out of my bag frequently.
    It's hard to go wrong with either one---they are both beautiful and practical!