Damier Clifton

  1. I want to get Clifton really bad but there's none on ebay for quite some time. Since they are discontinued, how hard it is to find them? I typed in style number N51149 and searched but all I found were auction & consignment store sites in Japan.

    Anybody has one? When you realize you may not get it, desire gets more intense...lol. I am like a little kid. :hysteric:

    Or just give in and get Saleya.... hmmm, not.
  2. Do you have a pic of the bag?
  3. The Clifton is extremely hard to find - you'll see one pop up on eBay once in a while. I'll look for a pic...
  4. [​IMG]

    I found this pic when I was searching.
  5. GREAT pic! That's her and she is TDF!
  6. hmmm....never seen that bag, but looks good to me:biggrin:
  7. Along with rarely showing up on eBay, it is even more rare that she has her little friend with her...