Damier Cles questions?

  1. Hi all...I am home sick today (stupid virus!) so I have been browing TPF all day...so far haven't logged on to Elux to buy more LV, so far. But it's only 2:30!

    Anyway, I bought my first cles last week, a Damier one. I was wondering if the canvas feels kinda stiff to you? Mostly along the bottom where the seams meet? Is that different from the Mono or Perfo, etc?

    Also, does it get more supple with use and time? And should I treat the canvas of the cles with one of the products people mention on the board?

    Also, I noticed the zipper pully-thing on both the cles and my new mono cosmetic bag isn't super shiny or anything..in fact it looks kinda antiquish or mottled...can't really think of a better description. I am thinking it's normal, because both pieces look the same. Any insight?

    I'm pretty new to LV purchases, so I am trying to learn what to expect from the pieces. Thanks.
  2. that's what i love about damier..the canvas is stiff
  3. well...i don't know. i have both the damier and mono cles and i don't think they feel different from each other. i never treated either one of my cles. they don't get wet, as they're always in my purse. they're not exposed as much as my bags (though, i've never treated any of my bags, either).

    and i do agree that the zippers on both of my cles are how you described. not shiny at all.
  4. The canvas on the Damier cles will feel different than the canvas on a bag because LV lines them differently. The cles is lined with leather and the bags (ie:Speedy) with a textile. So the canvas on the cles will feel stiffer. Perfo cles is lined with suede like material so that will be different than a Damier cles.

    The canvas does not need to be treated.

    Those particular zippers are not shiny, say, compared to the MC cles zippers.
  5. Thanks so much guys, for both putting my mind at ease about my new purchases, and educating me at the same time.

    I'm learning slowly....me thinks I need to buy more LV so I can "study". But purely in the name of research, you see!! :P
  6. :yes: Me too, it does have a stiffer feel to it and I think it keeps the shape a tad bit better as well