Damier Choice!

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  1. hello all i am contemplating a new purchase of either a damier papillon 30 or a damier alma. what do you guys think? what can you recomend?
  2. oohhhh I can't wait to hear responses....I'm contemplating the Damier papillon 30 as well!
  3. Prefer Speedy 30 to Pap 30!!!! I find it holds more and it's much easier to get things in and out of. However, let me throw this out. I really like the look of Damier Pap 30 over the Speedy Damier 30. In the LV Mono, I prefer a Mono Speedy 30 look to a Pap 30 look. Get what I'm saying???
  4. I'd say out of these two, the Alma. I love the damier Alma, it's such a classy bag!!! Good luck!!! :smile:
  5. i prefer damier papillon to damier alma. but if you want an alma, how about the epi alma?
  6. definitely damier papillon...i find it to be the cutest most versatile shoulder bag and i love damier ...personally everytime i see the alma i think about old ladies TONS of old ladies have the alma lol like REALLY old like 80 i mean lol :smile:
  7. Papillon is cute :yes:
  8. between the alma and the papillon, i'd go for the papillon............
  9. papillon! i don't like the shape of the alma.
  10. I vote for the Alma! I have a Mono Pap 30 and a Damier Alma. I use the Pap for more casual occasions and the Alma when I want to feel very feminine and ladylike! :lol: You can't go wrong with either - just keep in mind that the Pap is less structured and stiff while the Alma is very formed.
  11. I vote for the papillon! It's just so pretty :love:
  12. Pap!
  13. Papillon.
  14. The alma is definitely dressier because of the more structured shape. They're both so pretty. I have the alma and I carry it when I want to look more sophisticated. (in reality, it takes a LOT more than a handbag to make me look sophisticated! :lol: ) Seriously though, I think you may get more use out of the pap. Can you go try them both on? Since you can use the pap over your shoulder, that may appeal more to you. The alma has small handles like the speedy.
  15. I'd go for the papillon, I have it, can't go wrong with it.