Damier Chelsea

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  1. Is this bag discontinued? I saw a girl with it today and it looked great on her! (She was short, just like me!) I know it is a huge bag, but she was petite and it didn't look too huge on her. Any thoughts?
    What is the price, by the way? TIA!
  2. discontinued? i thought it was new...
  3. Hi, when I was searching for a Damier tote, I tried on the Chelsea but found the proportions really long and awkward for my frame. I'm 5'3". I ended up with the Parioli which is one of my favorite bags! The Chelsea is a huge tote, Parioli is more of a tote/purse in its demensions.
    Good luck!
  4. I love the chelsea...just don't have an everyday use for it (too nice for work).
  5. I just bought this bag! You can see in my showcase. I'm 5'2" and I'm going to use it as a work tote and travel bag.
  6. Thanks everyone:biggrin:
    Pursefanatic: thanks for the link - I just checked elux last night and it wasn't there, that's why I thought it was discontinued. I appreciate knowing the price.
    *JJ* - my bad:biggrin: I believe you are right!
    Greentea: thank you sharing your thoughts. It's funny you mentioned the parioli. I once owned that bag and really loved it. The straps, however, began to crack where it connects to the bag and it was less than a year old. LV took it back. I decided to wait for something else.
    angelica: good point - I could actually use it for work, but it may be too big for everyday use, for me at least:amuse:
    addicted: I'm 5'2, too! The gal I saw it on was about the same height as me and that's what sparked my interest in it. I'll take a look at your showcase.
    Thanks everyone:biggrin:
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