Damier Chelsea

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  1. I am considering this bag. Does anyone have it and can you share your thoughts and photos of it on?
  2. I have this bag. I'm using it today. I love it because I needed a large work tote (for travel a well). It's beautiful to me! It's also rather light. Here's some photos:



  3. Addicted-

    You are so awesome!!!! Thanks so much for your photos and quick response!!! The bag looks fabulous on you!
  4. Oh you're welcome! Just good timing I saw this! :o) I just started using the bag last Thursday. While it's big...it carries everything for me. This will be the ultimate travel bag for me for those business trips coming up. It's stylish yet practical.

    My hubby bought it for me (well gave me $$) for it, and he said..."that's one big bag"! Just for reference, I'm 5'2".

    Hope you get it!
  5. It's on Elux right now and I'm going to place an order :smile:
  6. Oh cool...post pix when you get her!
  7. It's off Elux! Hope susu got one, Addicted do you mind saying how much it was?
  8. This is the perfect travel or work tote! You should get it!

    Addicted, you look great! Thanks for posting some pics...
  9. HEY do they make the cabas Mezzo in damier!!!!???
  10. Susu1...This Is An Amazing Bag!

    Addicted It Looks So Nice On You...That Was So Sweet To Model!!!
  11. It is 1080 usd before tax. I have one as well and I love it!
  12. I use mine as a travel and beach bag. I take it on the plane and then to the beach! You do not have to worry about water marks (like monogram) and it wears wonderfully. I also have the Broadway for a briefcase. I have used them both for years and they look brand new!
  13. i don't own one but there's a girl at school that uses one as a school bag and i drool everytime she passes by :shame: it's gorgeous.....
  14. I didn't waste anytime placing that order!!!! She'll be on her way to me soon!:love:
  15. nice pics. it's a gorgeous bag. i'm not really into the damier line but that bag is beautiful.