Damier Chelsea over Cabas Mezzo???

  1. So I made my mind up to get the Mezzo to use as a school bag, but I know someone who's just offered to sell me their Damier Chelsea...and now I don't know which to choose again. I think I like the look of the Mezzo a bit better, but I usually prefer Damier and I did like the feel of the Chelsea when I tried it on at the store...what should I do?:confused1:
  2. I would get the Chelsea. I've seen a lot of Mezzo's at school and the vachetta bottoms look horrible. Plus, you don't have to worry about putting it down and getting the bottom dirty.
  3. the Chelsea looks super useful and non-hi-maintanence. have you tried them both (to compare) on at the boutique yet?
  4. I think the Chelsea would be a better fit because it's damier and low-maintenance. I'm thinking that both the Chelsea and Mezzo would be about the same in volume...but if you like the Mezzo more, you should probably go for what you love as opposed to what is available to you. :yes:
  5. I did try them both on at the boutique. I really liked both - and a note to anyone interested in the Chelsea: it looks SO much better IRL than in pictures!
  6. I like the chelsea
  7. i like the chelsea better IMO.
  8. I think the chelsea would work better for what you need it for ... and for the days that you want to use mono, you could always use your MOCA neverfull:graucho:
  9. I have the Chelsea and I love it! I use it everyday!! It would be a perfect school bag! Good luck.
  10. I saw the chelsea today and its very classy. The l'inventeur place is very cute.
  11. Chelsea! While I do like them very much, I see Mezzos and Pianos all the time -- don't think I've ever seen someone wearing a Chelsea.
  12. Love the chelsea!!!
  13. chelsea is better
  15. Chelsea. I used to want the Cabas but I'm definitely liking the practicality of Damier for a work tote!