Damier Chelsea or SO Damier Mezzo

  1. help! i am debating between the chelsea or a SO for a Damier Mezzo. i need a really functional shoulder bag. which one do you think i would get more mileage out of? i am torn between the two.

  2. SO Mezzo- so beautifully unique!
  3. Damier Mezzo!!! A bit sexier!!!
  4. Damier Mezzo!
  5. Option 3, wait for the hampstead, a yummy cross between the two ;)
  6. Mezzo!
  7. Mezzo!
  8. I vote Mezzo!
  9. SO Damier Mezzo!!!
  10. I vote for Damier Mezzo
  11. special order the mezzo! :drool:
  12. I vote for SO Mezzo too:heart:
  13. well, i'm waiting to see the Hampstead and the Sporty....if one of those does not work, i'll SO the Mezzo....the Chelsea is beautiful too though.
  14. if you have the patience and extra money, absolutely go for the mezzo.

    otherwise, the chelsea is a LOVELY subsitute!!
  15. mezzo but def wait to see the hampstead