Damier Chelsea and Parioli questions :)

  1. Does anyone have either of these? Are they good travel bags or do you use them everyday? Do you love one more than the other?

    Thank you :smile:
  2. Don't have either, but I've heard people say the Parioli has sharp edges and pokes your arms.
  3. I like the look of the Damier Chelsea over the the Parioli.
  4. Thanks for the replies!! Good to know about it poking the arms, that could get old fast! I'm totally leaning towards the Chelsea! :love:
  5. Get the CHELSEA-I had the parioli but it had sharp edges, the opening was magnetic, it was ok.
    I sent it back for the chelsea-i love her. First, love the size, second , love the zipper, thirdly, love the red microfiber interior, forthly, love the chocolate trim,gorgeous, fifthly, i love u can use as work tote, shopping on weekends with girlfriends, and as a carryone-wonderful size and fits on floor in front you.
    She has been one of my favorite bags-also luv that you don't see it coming and going.....GeT HER:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  6. I have the parioli and love, love, love it!!! It has never poked me and I like how it is magnetic. I tried to find it on eluxury...is it discontinued?
  7. My moms perioli, she loves it!!!

    222 347.jpg

    222 349.jpg