damier carryall?

  1. if there is a damier keepall, is there going to be a damier carryall? :rolleyes: because i need to know soon because if there is one, i'm going to return my monogram carryall i bought last month. i just prefer the damier canvas because the monogram screams "hey look im an lv :biggrin: "
  2. i imagine there eventually will be one, but who knows how long it will be before it actually comes out...
    i think you should keep the mono. it's a gorgeous bag.
  3. If you're willing to spend a little (okay a lot) more, why not try the tobago? (also comes in light blue, navy, and yellow) $1,850
    While a Damier carryall is entirely possible, it seems that the chances are low;just look at the Keepall- the Damier one is coming out 70 years after the mono original! You could special order one, but not for at least another year and it would cost 30% more, at about $1,250.
  4. I asked the same question at LV in Amsterdam and my SA told me that only the keepall will come in Damier :cry: I'm in love with the carryall shape :love: and I'll try to see if they can take a SO for a Damier one... otherwise, I'll end up buying the red or blue Tobago :heart: ....
  5. hey cece,last wednesday the SA told me there's a speedy on hold(reserve) at the boutique....i am sure that is for you :rolleyes:
  6. I love that tobago carryall:heart:
  7. Heyyyyyy, can you believe they haven't rung yet??? :censor: Perhaps they are waiting until the 1st of June (or until I storm into the shop :roflmfao: which I plan to do between tomorrow and Thursday)
    Thank you for the tip!!!! :amuse:
  8. well when i went to the lv store last month, i just fell in love with the blue tobago :biggrin:D but im not willing to spend the money haha =X but then again, if there IS damier, it would probably be around that price. my mom says its heavy even when theres nothing in there. i disagree D: how about you guys?
  9. Damier Carryall would be nice, my DH is seriously reconsidering about the Damier Keepall but the SO is turning him away.
  10. I thought the SA told me it's coming out in 2 keepall sizes but I can't be 100% sure. I wish I paid more attention now...
  11. ^ The Damier is on Eluxury NOW,run!!!!!
  12. Have you seen the Ribera GM!!!???
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