Damier Canvas

  1. I heard that the newer Damier bags have a lipstick red alcantara lining now instead of the terracotta. Have any of you heard of this? Just curious and I'm also planning on getting the Saleya PM in the next couple of months. Any comments on this bag? Thanks!
  2. Yes they do.. Red, Red, and Red... so pretty
  3. Is this the same red that is in the white mc speedy ?
  4. I love the red - it totally sold me on the Damier. Some people reported bleeding issues earlier, but I tested with a white hanky in the store (my SA thought I was crazy) but I haven't had any bleeding issues with the lining.

    Anyway - LOVE IT
  5. I'm almost completely sold on the Damier but now I can't decide which one. Saleya PM or Illovo PM? Any suggestions???? Thanks!!!
  6. pretty, but I have heard that it bleeds. not so much fun.
  7. Nope, that is more raspberry...this is more tomato red.
  8. ^^ thanks...

    I wonder if anyone had issues with the lining of the white mc speedy ?
    I would never know as i have a cardboard on the bottom of the bag and use a purseket :sad:
  9. Mine hasn't bled yet.
  10. The lining in the saleya pm is alcantara and does not bleed. The illovo has the red canvas that does sometimes transfer color. I would go for the saleya, not because of the color transfer, but it is just a more luxurious bag all the way around. The hardware is nice and chunky and the interior is lush and gorgeous. And I just love the shape of saleya.
  11. i have been wearing my illovo mm all week and i adore it
  12. love both, have saleya. do you want shoulder or handheld?
  13. The Saleya PM was my first LV and I adore it. I've used solidly for almost a year and it's fabulous -- gorgeous red lining, no transfer or bleeding issues. It's a great bag. If you do a search you will find lots of other threads talking about the Saleya.
  14. Saleya! I love that bag!
  15. Saleya, I love the overall look of that bag...it's one I hope to get in the future. I have the damier speedy 30, I got it this past July and never had the bleeding issues that some have mentioned.

    Good luck *decisions* *decisions*!!!:girlsigh: