Damier canvas speedy 40 for gym bag.

  1. Guys, do you think it will be Ok for a man like me to carry Damier Speedy 40 for the gym bag? The locker is quite small for keepall or carry all. Any suggestion?
  2. I think it would be totally fine for you to carry it as a gym bag. Just try not to sqoosh it or anything in a tiny locker. If the locker's too small to fit the Damier Speedy 40, then I don't think it would be ok. But if it's big enough to comfortably fit the Damier Speedy 40, then I say it's completely fine to carry it as a gym bag. :yes:
  3. sorry to ruin it but there isn't a damier speedy 40!!! I would kill to have it but the 40 only comes in mono...and they don't take special orders!!! yet...
    Anyway there are many bags...except the speedy 40 in mono there is also the carryall...
    And i think it would look great on you...either the speedy either the carryall!!!
  4. damier doesnt come in the speedy 40.
  5. Rats if it ever came in a 40 I would have to have it. :heart:
  6. SHOOOOO!!!! I totally forget about it. It just comes in Monogram.... Well ok then if it is monogram, i feel more insecure coz it's too feminine for me. Or it is not?
  7. I think it'd be fine!!
  8. It's perfectly fine...you know how musculine YOU are!!!
    Go for it and post pics...ahhh and ask if you can about special ordering...we would like to know but I don't think so
  9. FYI, i live in the place where people are very shallow minded. They just think that Louis Vuitton especially the monogram line is for women only. I hate them. And one of the thing that makes me hate them more is...THEY ARE VERY PROUD OF HEIR FAKE LV!!!
    One of the reason why I choose Damier is to avoid the bad mouthing of the people around me. I'll try the mono speedy 40. if it's not fit me than I better buy other. Thanks for the suggestion.:smile:
  10. Who cares about what others think... just as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters!

    If it were me using an LV to use as a gym bag, I'd use something low-key like Damier or Taiga.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it. I get comments all the time asking "Isn't Louis Vuitton for women?" and I politely explain to them that LV started as a trunk maker and luggage maker for both sexes, The company didn't make purses till much later. Again it's one of those "projected stereotypes". I have a keepall 45 I use as a gym bag and it works perfectly. If you think just getting the monogram 40 would be too feminine just throw in an extra $35 and get a luggage tag to go with it. Eliminates the thought of it being a purse (kind of).

    And no. As of this point LV is being stingy with the "special order speedys" I asked to have one made in Nomade for my mother for her 45th Bday (since monogram really isn't a favorite of hers) and they told me it's not available for SO at this time. But ask, nothing ventured nothing gained I say.:tup:
  12. why not consider the mono carryall, it would be great as a gymbag too!
  13. Cougar the black one.... I love it!
  14. I wish that they made the Damier Speedy 40, I would definitely buy one! All the other suggestions are good, what about the Noe - it comes in Mono, Epi and Azur (I think).
  15. L.V. makes lots of things for men in the monogram line.I have just purchased a 6 key key ring for my D.H. in monogram for his birthday, so I sure hope it's not too feminine!!