Damier canvas saleya mm(middlesize) with red vernis coin pouch

  1. how will it look if i hang the red vernis coin pouch on the saleya.
    not bought either of the mentioned items but reason i picked saleya damier was its practical for a mum to be.
    its roomy with a zipper. i wanted an accessory to brighten it up so was thinking of the red vernis coin poch holder hanging there or a scarf or a charm. :heart:

    Suggestions opinions cause i was also looking at the never full in the biggest size available but the handles are toothin and the sa said if i carry too heavy stuff they will pierce into my skin and it does not hold weight wtoo well.
    any other suggestions...
  2. I think the red vernis would go perfectly! I, too, have a pomme piece that I am hoping to soon match up with the Damier Hampstead.
  3. Anything red will definitely go with Damier Canvas. :yes:
  4. anything red would look hott!!