damier canvas question

  1. I just got a damier canvas speedy 30. i was just wondering how often i should wear it? my mom told me not to wear it too often. also, do you think it'll be out-of-style soon? i know it came out last year.
  2. Wear it all you want, is what I say..

    That's what I plan on doing! XD!

    I think the Damier is pretty durable.. ^^; I plan on getting one today too!
  3. You sound like a very young person. Enjoy this new world of LV. They are meant to be used, not kept on a shelf.

    Do you mean you don't know when Damier is appropriate, in terms of season? Or are you asking if it is fragile and you might harm it to use it?

    The Speedy is of course a classic bag. Damier Speedys were available by special order for several years before they became part of the regular line. They aren't going away.

    Damier is great for rainy weather, cool weather. I'm sure Damier is worn by some year round, although I myself use it in fall through spring only. (The Damier Azur is a warm-weather look.)
  4. OUT OF STYLE, DON'T WEAR IT TOO OFTEN, what???? OMG... this is a classic bag, wear the hell out of it!
  5. I use my damier duomo year round, congratulations on your bag and enjoy using it for a long time :smile:
  6. why did she tell you not to use it often??
    use it anytime you want!!!
  7. Did you get the damier (black/brown)? Isn't that the very first, original LV pattern? The damier azur (white/blue) is the new one.
    Wear it everyday!
  8. No need to worry about damier going out of season... it's been going strong since, what, 1887?
  9. The damier speedy is pretty durable, I carry mine almost everyday and it still looks new (i've had it for 6months). Congrats on your new speedy! Enjoy :smile:
  10. out of style?????? NO WAY. i bought mine when it came out and i'm loving it. the cheapest, most useful bag from LV.

    just the shape of Speedy alone will never go out of style and damier is the first LV pattern before mono was created.

    i wear mine literally everday. it is very durable and i cannot see any flaws yet on mine.

    congrates and enjoy
  11. Congrats, nickyj! My Mom is a "wrap it up and keep it for good" kinda gal too. But I say use it and enjoy it! I have MC, vernis and denim (later this week!) but the azur damier is lookin' good to me now! My sister has the speedy 30 and thinks it is the perfect size. Have fun with it!
  12. i can 200% sure that it WILL NOT be out of time hehee :tup: congrats on this classic damier piece... enjoy!
  13. LV in general is Classic and timeless!!! Canvas is the most durable material I think they have - it's harder to damage and the best, which is why they cost so much!!
  14. Rock it any time! Classic lines like Damier and Monogram Canvas will NEVER go out of style... if someone thinks so, SO WHAT?!?!!? Don't let one person's opinion affect anything. As long as YOU like it, that's all that matters!
  15. Damier is a classic style. It's never out of fashion ;)