Damier Canvas Pochette Melville

  1. I did a search and can't find this bag. Does anyone have any reviews on this bag? Can it be used everyday and through any weather situation? I am stuck in the middle of a hrd place..i want a damier "messenger bag" but I also want a Macbook pro notebook..lol Neither is a necessity right now but I want both..lol What I really would like for right now is cute durable bag that is small enough to be carried around everyday in my school so I can put my classroom keys, money, maybe some water or a snack bar in it. It doesn't have to be big just work friendly. Oh, the other bags I am looking at are the Salsa and Tango long straps but the Melville is a tad bit cheaper ( being my macbook in mind)..lol
  2. Here's a link for it...

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Damier Canvas Pochette Melville Louis Vuitton

    For what you're planning on using it for, it sounds like a good messenger. But I personally haven't warmed up to the buckles on the melville styles because they look so "plastic" or the fact that they are so flat. But good luck in your decision, hope this helps!
  3. Would you recommend a "better" option for me?
  4. How big/small would you like it to be and what price range would you like to stick with?
  5. I like it.
  6. These are all choices in damier, hopefully these work cause it sounds like the largest thing you will be carrying is a bottle of water...

    Rift, Olav PM, Ipanema PM, Tango, and possibly the Naviglio, which is a larger but holds a good amount of stuff. I have it by the way, and it's one of the best messengers I've ever bought because of the compartments in it. Sooo easy to organize...PM me if you anymore questions! :smile:
  7. I am a female by the way if that helps..lol I would like for it to be medium in size preferably but not too big. I want to use this while in school as a body crossover bag. If I am walking through the building I want the bag to look like it is not trying to be showy. If the bag that can hold all that I mention in my first post then I wil lbe happy. I n terms of th eprice..the lower the cost the better but it has to weather durable and cute.
  8. All of the ones that I suggested for you will look fine on you except for perhaps the naviglio because it's bigger. Just play around on the eluxury site or better yet go try them all on in the store! Good luck!
  9. I am loving this Olav PM!
  10. You may possibly find the Olav a little more functional because it's not so flat. With the pochette melville it may end up being bulky in all the wrong places when you need to stuff it.
  11. Thanks Mr. Posh Spice!!!!!
  12. You're very welcome and please let me know what you do end up with. It would be cool to know if I was able to help you out! :shame: