Damier Canvas Macau Clutch Anyone?

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  1. So after getting my Damier Azur Speedy 25 for Chrsitmas and Damier Pouchette for my bday I have caved and I am SO in love with Damier in general :love:( i never thought this day would come i used to be a monogram girl )but they are so heavily faked:cursing: no one ever really thinks my damier azur is fake so im thinking of gettting into the damier canvas line now also...I am considering getting a evening clutch in Damier Canvas and came across this Damier Canvas Macau Clutch does anyone own one? Do you love it ? or does it sit in your closet? can i see pics of inside and out? I am very curious to see if size and any issues anyone has had and do you all think it would be a great day to night pouch ? Sorry for all the questions.

  2. you shouldn't buy a bag thinking people will think its real or fake, buy it to indulge in a well made, long lasting item and appreciate its heritage and the time and work it takes to make one bag.

    They make fakes of everything nowadays and darn good ones. So people argue why even buy a real if the fakes look so reeal.... Its for all the reasons oil mentioned before. So just think of yourself. Dont force yourself to buy a damier instead of a monogram when you prefer a monogram vuitton!

    Back to the Macau.... I'm gonna be honest its a casual clutch and not an evening clutch. They have prettier ones in damier like the sophie, or is it an EVA? LOL or maybe you dont like those....
  3. thanks i appreciate your honesty its not so much the fakes it was just a thought i just want to have a versatile purse collections Im def going to check out the other purses you suggested ! i really want a great day to night clutch!
  4. If you want an evening clutch, get something from LV satin collection, or something that is an evening clutch.

    The bag you posted is nice but I would not use it as an evening piece - I would probably buy the wapity for a casual evening clutch item and then use the satin evening bag for more dressier occastions.
  5. I really like the Macau, but not as an evening clutch. Have you looked at the Navona? Or even the Sophie, if you can still find one...

  6. im really glad you didnt flip out nyc besos. ;)

    here is the navona. i dont like it, and would prefer the Macau to it.

    and here is the sophie
    and here is the Eva
    here is a sunset
    here is a beverly

    :flowers: enjoy!! and let us know which one you decide for!
  7. The Sunset Boulevard is wonderful for a clutch as it's got card-slots and a zippered compartment as well so it acts as a wallet while allowing you to put your mobile phone and keys in it as well.
  8. I have one, I will try and take pics for you soon...still too tired to go up and down the stairs, when my son gets home from skating I will send him.

    I don't know if I would use it for an evening clutch. I do like mine....but since I love BIG bags, I love it to put my esentials in, so I can find them quickly or just grab it out of my bag for quick trips to the store, etc.
  9. I bought the Macao clutch laster year in Vegas. I'll attach the thread since I took a lot of pics of it. I don't dress up but I have used the Macao clutch when I go out and don't want to carry the kitchen sink with me! I've brought on trips to Vegas, Disneyland, and just walking around with my DH on the weekend.

    The Macao holds a ton of stuff but is still small enought to fit into a tote bag if needed. I plan to bring it on my trip to NY so that I don't always have to lug my large purse around while walking around town.

    Here's the thread:
  10. no flipping out here lol im always open to opinions i love honest people i love the sunset thanks for the pics im really interested in that one i think it would be really cute in the city running around from day to night i never even noticed it i love it !!

    thanks so much i cant wait to see pics inside :drool:

    oooo thats a good idea im so torn now lol
  11. I like the Sunset Boulevard in Amarante. While the Macau clutch is very nice, I can't imagine it being used as an evening bag.

    There's also the Epi Montaigne Clutch...
  12. lovvving the pics i love that how you compare to a wapity and the pochette b/c i have both lol i love how roomy it is a bit bigger than wapity but nice height like the pochette

    this one is super classy but i think i want something with no strap or just a lil strap b/c i have the mono wapity and the damier azur pochette i reallt want something to hold in my hand but thanks i love the pics epi is so pretty
  13. How about the limelight clutch? It comes in gold and brown. I have the gold PM and I love it!!
  14. a limelight doesnt sound too bad. its actually lovely!!!!
  15. I believe the strap of the Montaigne clutch is removable?? Correct me if I'm wrong..