damier canvas is dull, will it be sheen after using everyday?

  1. I just got my first Damier bag, Speedy 25. The canvas of my Speedy looks kind of dull because it's new I guess. The question is if I use it often, the canvas will be sheen like my other mono bags that get use almost everyday?
  2. hmmm... I dunno. I usually find that canvases become duller/less shiny with age, or that's how my mono bags are... So I guess for me, damier will become duller as well?.... :shrugs:
  3. ^^ has anyone tried this? I notice my Speedy 35 no longer has that fine sheen it had when new. I've had the bag for a little under a year and have used it occassionally. Is there something I can do to create and maintain a sheen? The bag looked great with a light reflective coating.
  4. If you use apple conditioner (not the cleaner) on the canvas as well as the leather parts, it will add a touch of sheen to the canvas. I use it mainly on the canvas parts of my wallets, where they fold and around the edges and corners of my bags. It really helps keep the canvas supple where needed. I swear it keeps my wallets from cracking around the folds. Also the more an item is handled, the canvas will pick up a slight patina, I especially have seen this with my accessory pieces, since they are handled often throughout the day. My husband's key case has a great sheen to it from being handled much.
  5. Will Mink Oil do the same amount of conditioning that the Apple conditioner will do? Any help would be much appreciated! :biggrin:
  6. ^^^IDK why you would want to "condition" canvas? Not really a point to that.....it is "coated canvas" because it is already protected :confused1:
  7. They can crack overtime and my keepall has been in a dry environment the past few weeks.... very dry haha.
  8. ^^Oh, I see.......I just don't think the moisturizer/conditioner would sink into the canvas to truly protect it though because canvas is not a naturally porus material like leather. It seems like the conditioner would just sit on the top of the canvas coating and just make it slippery but not do much else :shrugs: