Damier Canvas darken in time?

  1. Hello,

    I have 2 damier canvas bags. One is a brera the other speedy 30. The Brera my mom bought it 5 years ago. I notice that the canvas is slightly darker than my brand, new speedy 30 (I bought 2 weeks ago) Are damier bags suppose to darken in time. I'm curios to know. Here's a photo to compare.
  2. ^^^^^ Pic won't enlarge?
  3. Try to enlarge this photo. sorry...
    damier canvas enlarge.jpg
  4. It does appear darker, but I wonder if it is an illusion since there is more dark leather trim on the Brera?
  5. Hmmm... I'm sure it will darken over time! I mean, dirt and oils from your hands and such makes everything darker, not just vachetta. So it does make sense that it's darker, KWIM?

  6. my thoughts too--- but maybe the process to make Damier has changed since then..
  7. Wow, there definitely is a difference.
  8. Hmm, it is definetly darker, I really can't tell if its because of the handle or not. That's pretty interesting though.
  9. Very interesting! I wonder if the Azur canvas will darken, I have an Azur speedy- hope it doesn't!!

  10. I think this is the logical explanation. But who knows?! Great collection though!!!
  11. I think some of the newer Damier Canvas pieces are lighter in color - actually, I've noticed inconsistencies with the Damier bags that were displayed (because one was really, really off, much lighter and it even looked fake) and remarked to an SA who promptly brushed my question aside...
  12. wow huge difference. I don't know.
  13. I Have two damier wallets and the one that is 3 years old is very dark. While the one that is new is bright.
  14. Interesting....I better get my belem PM out and compared with my speedy 30 once I get home!!:yes:
  15. I don't think it darkens over time it might be that there are slight color variations in all canvas material i've noticed especially in hard side pices it might be because their screen printing machinery evolves? over time causing the inks to print lighter or darker paterns?:confused1:
    I mean I don't think they can get the exact same color 100% of the time they might even discard some of the off colored canvas like when the ink runs out in you'r printer the copy's come out lighter it might be the same case with the LV printing process, I hope I don't sound like a dork:shame:

    oh and look at the date code it might be that the darker pice it's older and the lighter one is newer...