Damier Canvas Berkeley bag

  1. I just saw this bag at Saks and I love it. I think it's going to be my next LV purchase. Has anyone else seen it? Also, I am thinking if getting the light color. Pros/Cons on that color choice?
  2. I bought it in ebene. While I love the bag, I also have the damier Speedy 30 and I think the bags are very close in shape, etc., so am returning the Berkeley for the Trevi PM. If I didn't have the damier Speedy I would keep the Berkeley.
  3. I am so confused about berkley... when I saw the pictures I love it... and I think no sagging couse has vachetta lines... but I saw the modeling pictures and has a sag like speedy...I have no problems about sagging but it nearly looks like the damier speedy.. speedy is 620 dolars and berkley is 1420 or something... nearly same look... soooo...
  4. I looked at it today. It's beautiful, but not for me. It is really an "arm" carry bag. It isn't comfortable on my shoulders without fear of smashing it under the arm. The interior of the Azur was gorgeous. I like the adjustable straps.....
  5. ITA. The Berkeley does sag although not as much as the Speedy. For the price difference, I definitely think an azur speedy is a better buy. The Berkeley is a gorgeous bag but it seems to be a bit overpriced.
  6. I prefer it in Damier Ebene, but to me it kind of looks like a speedy on steroids...
  7. Yes, the Berkeley does look like a pumped up Speedy 30! But, I like it and I love the fact that it has feet which only the fake Speedys have!

    I think the Berkeley is very cute but it's over $1,400 USD, so it's even more than a Hampstead MM! But, I do like the Berkeley!!

    As far as the sag factor for the Berkeley, I would either put a piece of cardboard or the speedy base shaper inside because I hate sag!

    I like the Damier Ebene version as well!