Damier Canvas bags linig colour and other details

  1. Hi everyone!

    Can anyone tell me if Damier Canvas Bastille's linig was allways brown? I saw some pictures before and it was red, but i saw some other pictures and the strap was made of leather and had a buckle... Was it just a prototipe or something?
    And how about Vaslav? The actual one has mini LVs hotstamped along the leather on the side of the zip closure, but I've seen some pictures where those leather stripes were clean... Was it a former version, or was it just a prototipe?

    Thank you in advance
  2. i had seen damier bastille in LV store and the lining was red,but that was back in last year,not sure LV had changed the lining of damier bastille lately.
  3. The Damier Bastille's interior used to be red, but was changed to brown. It's strap used to be all leather, but was changed to a textile strap because there were some reports on the leather ripping, or something like that, after much use?