damier canvas and ribera...some questions, thanks!

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  1. i know i know..it's stupid to ask now..

    1) damier canvas...is this a cheaper type of leather? a friend asked me yesterday and i was like :confused1::confused1::confused1: ..but he was like "u have a lot of damier bags though! shouldn't u know?" he noticed the texture of my damier speedy was kinda "floppy"..

    2) ribera mini: does the leather of this bag..soften..over time?? any ribera owners out there?

    3) how do they make damier bags with different "hardness"? like the ribera and belem is high structured...do they add layers beneath the top one?

    i should've asked these questions looooong looong ago!!

    excuse me for my stupidity!!!! :shame:
  2. The leather parts do soften as well as the canvas itself over time.....what part of the Damie seems cheaper to you...the leather or the Canvas??

    Overall, I think that the Damies tends to be more stiff in all respects vs. Mono to me...I have a Mono pouchette that I have and it is way softer than any of my other Damies over time....thats all the difference I notice....:shrugs:
  3. the canvas part seems cheaper to my friend..not to me!! i will never say that damier looks cheap :P

    the damier canvas on the speedy is very thin....whereas the lining on ribera and other more structured damier bags are more thick!! i wonder how they made it that way?

  4. Oh, I see....I dont have the ribera so I cant be of any help.... :P
  5. The mono canvas can also be very "floppy". My Recital and Papillon 26 are excellent examples, somehow, though, my Coussin's canvas is hard as plastic...and I doubt THAT will soften over time. I don't think Damier canvas is cheaper. To me, the Ribera seems like a very structured bag...unless you constantly stuff and unstuff that bag, I doubt the canvas will soften/stretch/whatever very much.
  6. I have the ribera mini and that tiny little bag ain't cheap! :sad: It does soften a little but then I don't use it that much. I only take it out for parties (but I don't have much parties to go to). :P I can't believe your friend thinks the damier looks cheap. Is it because he assume that since you have many damier bags, then it must be a pretty affordable LV line? :confused1:
  7. yeah, i must say this TINY LITTLE BAG ain't cheap! :yes:

    i don't have many..just the belem pm, speedy, ribera mini, pochette accessories, and pochette ipanema..:shrugs:

  8. that's what i was wondering..how do they make them structured?

  9. Nice damier collection you have there! :nuts::love:
  10. ^^:love::love:
  11. I don't have the damier ribera, but have the mono ribera mini coming...and I have to say that I just ADORE the ribera!! It's such a cute and classy bag!!