Damier Cabas Mezzo

  1. Has this bag been discontinued? Or can I get it at the store? Not on eluxury:sad:
  2. Hi. It is a special order item. It takes 6 months or so to make and is 30% additional. I have one if you'd like to see a pic.
  3. Luccibag Pleace show a pic i love the damier line and the cabas mezzo.
  4. Yes! Yes! Pics please! Do you mind sharing what you paid? So tacky of me, don't feel obligated!!!
  5. The Damier Cabas Mezzo is indeed a speical order item , but why not consider some of the other Damier totes?
    The Parioli ($870)
    The Uzes ($1,340)
    Manosque ($1,060)
    Or the Chelsea (little over $1K)
  6. I have never heard of the "UZES" but I wish I had known about it before I bought my Saleya - I might have gone for it - I Love Damier!
  7. Here is the Damier Cabas Mezzo. I love it! Its a great size and not bulky at all.

    Can't wait for damier speedy!!
  8. :hrmm: I have had the damier parioli and its a great tote but it has pointy edges and it kept hitting my funny bone! I had to return it.
  9. Wow, Lucci, that is a stunning bag! Great choice for an SO :smile: I'm in love! :heart:
  10. Yup, it's a special order piece, but my SA told me 'you never know" if they'll release it like the Damier speedy.

    I think it's gorgeous! Good luck!
  11. luccibag.. that is one yummy bag!
  12. WOW!! Lucci that bag is so HOT. It looks great on you. I want one now!!
  13. luccibag, looks great on you. It's much better looking in damier than in mono IMO plus don;t have to worry with vachetta bottom.
  14. Love the cabas mezzo in damier and parioli-- how come people dont think of buying that instead of mezzo- is it almos the same size?