Damier -Cabas Mezzo special order

  1. Does anyone know of a boutique that has one that no one has claimed?

    There was a boutique that had one a few weeks ago that was going to sell it but the person who ordered it decided that they wanted it after all.

    I really want this bag. :sweatdrop:
    i may have to just go ahead and order it and wait the 6 months but I thought I'd check with my resourceful PF'ers first :P
  2. C- did you call the 888 number?

  3. yes I tried. They are very annoying. Its like are reading from a script.

    "That is a special order bag that is not available for regular purchase in stores, it takes a minuimum of 6 months blah blah blah"

    I know all that.:hysteric: I just want to find out if there's any inventory. They won't look it up. The way I found out about the other one was by calling a store where the SA was just really helpful and she found it in the database.

    The 1866 number can be really useless sometimes :supacool:
  4. I´m sorry I can´t help you. I wish you look finding it though!

  5. LOL. When I saw someone else had posted here I got excited.......but thanks :lol:
  6. ITA...I think that 1 was a PFer, she posted here she wasn't sure she wanted it after all, but was afraid to lose her deposit...after we all posted we loved it, I think she decided to get it.

    I loved it too...considered PMing her...but she was new....so...

  7. Ahhh. Oh well.... guess i've gotta wait out the process....:yucky:
  8. No one knows, huh??
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