Damier Cabas Alto

  1. Does anyone have this item, and if so would you please post photos of the bag?
  2. Great thread I want one so bad! :lol:
  3. i dont they are to big.
  4. pics:
    holiday19.jpg holiday16.jpg
  5. Loves it!!!
  6. Wow, that's a big bag. But it's beautiful! :love:
  7. Very pretty!! I :love: damier!
  8. Thanks for the photos of Beyonce's bag. Are you sure it's an Alto?
  9. That's a big bag. I like it.
  10. ohhh. Big bag but very,very chic. I love the dark brown trim on the corners. I wonder if it is an open top?
  11. I think its Mezzo, the top look too narrow to be Alto (open top od course). It's beautiful just the same though!
  12. Looks like a beauty...but way too big for me!
  13. Ugh, it's gorgeous and the size is wonderful!
  14. I'd love to have one.. I wonder if Beyonce had to wait the full time for her bag, or if they put it at the head of the queue !