Damier Brera!

  1. I was reading elsewhere in the board that Damier is pretty much "waterproof" since it doesn't have vachetta...is this true? Will the handles stain like the vachetta trim on the monogram bags does? What ARE the handles made of anyway...super dark leather that doesn't stain, or is it some sort of coated/treated leather?

    Well I was thinking since we get so much snow here in Canada in the winter, it's best for me to buy a Damier bag too because I probably won't be able to use my monogram bags much in the winter...I was thinking of the Papillon 26/30, but came upon the Brera:

    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON DAMIER BRERA - EXCELLENT! $855 MPRS (item 200016868309 end time Sep-11-06 07:51:38 PDT)

    It's soooo beautiful...the more I look at it, the more I want it! :heart: It's more original since a lot of people have the speedy/papillon. Anyone know how much this bag can hold, and if the asking price is reasonable?
  2. The handles and trim are smooth leather - no staining at all. You are right about the all-weather appeal of Damier - it is very rugged.

    I don't have a Brera, but like the look. You can also buy a Damier strap and attach it at the base of the handles.
  3. did you end up buying the bag?? I was looking at that same bag too!
  4. its nice, but very squarish.. =)
  5. I think it looks nice, and i've considered that model before. The only drawback for me, is that Damier is already in checker print so the square style ends up giving an overall boxy effect. Maybe something with more curves? I think that's part of the appeal of the papillon in damier, best of both worlds!
  6. LV Love, I ended up buying the Sarria Mini :smile: