Damier Brera vs. Triana

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  1. I love the squarish looks to these bags, but wondering which one is better. I saw a woman with i think the triana and it looked so fab, like the epi pont-neuf. i love that the quality and design of the bag can make it go with a luxurious or casual outfit.

    can anyone tell me the differences / similarities of the bags, other than the square shape!

    i can't download the elux/vuitton website photos, so please let me know your opinons!
  2. they're both extremely similar, but i think the Triana looks better. the Brera is a bit too rectangular
  3. According to the bible (aka Le Catalogue) and elux, the Triana measures 10.2" x 9.1" x 4.3" and costs $1,300;

    While the Brera measures 7.9" x 9.4" x 3.9" and costs considerable less at $855.

    Having seen the Triana in the boutique, I have to say that I prefer the Brera's softer construction.
  4. triana's more structured! i don't like the looks of the used brera's floating in eBay
  5. I like the Triana more.
  6. i read that the triana is more user friendly. is it the same as the pont-neuf?

    since the zips go down the sides of both triana and brera, does your stuff tend to fall out of the bags when it is opened?
  7. I think there are two pieces of canvases at the end of the zipper...like the zipper will go that far, but there is a bit of canvas sticking out inside to prevent stuff from falling out.

    And yes, I would say the Pont-Neuf is very similar to the Triana
  8. I used to work with a girl who carried a Triana and it's a beautiful bag. I vote for that one. It looks more structured to me.
  9. How about the Knightsbridge? Pricey at $1390, but very classy IMO.
  10. Triana looks more polished :yes:
  11. I vote for the Triana too!
    also in my wish list...
    and so is the knightbridge!
  12. I've never seen a Triana, but the Brera is so supple and soft (as much as coated canvas can be), and the interior is really nice too.

    i vote brera
  13. I also vote Brera, love the softer look. Can it be worn on the shoulder?
  14. i've seen the triana from afar and if it's like the pont neuf, then i know the construction of the bag.

    i wish i could see the brera IRL or in pics on someone!

    the SA i spoke to today likes the triana better due to it's structure and it's more older woman (read not old woman!) and the brera is for a younger woman.

    she also mentioned two sizes for brera, the one i assume with the pic posted here is the smaller one, she said retails for $840 while the bigger one is a little over 1K. i wish the vuitton or elux websites would show it!!
  15. I didn't know that there were two sizes of Brera...is she sure???
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