Damier Belem PM - what does it fit?

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  1. Hey ladies, i'm wondering how small this bag is. Or rather, what can fit in it. Is it as small as the sarria mini or the ribera mini? is there another bag you can compare it to... like the speedy 25 maybe?

    i was in the boutique yesterday and glanced at it, but didn't try it on (had my kids with me so i had to make a short trip). did some looking back into old posts, and saw rave reviews about the bag, but no info on what can go in. it looks really cute.

    I was looking at the triana because of it's outside pockets which is convenient, but the shape of the belem is nice, i like its roundness... please give opinions! thanks.

  2. It is cute, but doesn't fit much, far less than Speedy 25. If you like the shape, I'd go for the MM, that even fits over the shoulder and looks good handheld, too.
  3. it doesn't hold a whole lot but it's gorgeous!!!

    i'd say it's bigger than ribera mini tho;

    for me it holds my wallet, cell phone, make ups and my agenda

    oh by the way long wallet like pochette wallet does fit in there!!

    hope this helps :smile:
  4. sma11cat has one, actually, and i've seen her fit a fair amount in it, even though it's so small. you could ask her about it :yes:
  5. i think you pfers are more helpful than the vuitton toll free. i called to ask what they thought could fit in, and they said to go by the dimensions. i got a little more specific and the rep said i just had to measure my things by ruler!!! WHAT??

    since you ladies have more experience wearing different designer handbags, i'd much prefer asking you all. ugh! other than that, i really like the shape and look of the belem. can you fit a small bottle of water (not the tall ones you usually find at the deli, but the small, squatter one)?
  6. I have one and will take pics for you later.
  7. haha...i can't believe they said to measure your things with a ruler...hahaha..I guess it shows they don't get many bags at the CS to know and say from experience.
  8. i pm-ed you but here's the link to my belem pm pics again! :tender:

    i can fit a lot in it. what do you usually carry with you? i only carry the essentials and it is perfect. it definitely fits much more than the pochette. the duomo can fit much more than the belem but it is also a little heavier. i am ot familiar with the trianna or how much it could fit. i realy like the shape the the belem. i hope you get it!
  9. I love this bag, fits tons and the shape is very uncommon. I recommend this bag.
  10. oh wow! it looks really good on. i have never considered this bag before.
  11. babyhart, do you still need pics? The ones from sma11cat are terrific!
  12. WOW this is a cute bag. I just fell in love :love:
    Now does anyone have pics of the MM so we can see the difference in how it looks carried by hand or shoulder??
  13. i can take some pics for u when i get home...it does hold a lot for it's shape, mainly because it's more of an "oval" shape if u get what i mean..

    i can fit my damier koala wallet (does get a bit thick because its fully loaded..in terms of CC and DC and receipts, not cash :roflmfao:), 4-key holder, cles, crabtree and evelyn hand hand cream, shiseido compact and cigs...my lipstick, gloss, lipbalm and phone goes into the side pockets.. i will take pics when i get home for u!
  14. Such a cute bag. The standard pics don't do it justice. I saw a couple of pics(I think in the visual aids forum) and was like WOW!!! Not on my list to get right now because it isn't as practical as some other items I want. I'd take one for Christmas in a heartbeat though.
  15. That is hot.