Damier Belem MM

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  1. OMG! I went to the LV Boutique today and looked for about an hour and totally fell in love with the Damier Belem MM:love: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It will be my first LV and I though for sure I would want a mono, but after looking at everything in person I think I like the Damier a bit better.
    I just can't wait! I can't quit thinking about that bag.
  2. If you really like the bag you should get it....
  3. The belem is a lovely bag. You should consider it, yes. :smile:
  4. :love:I LOVE that bag! It is so shapely looking, it's a work of art to my eyes. And I love the Damier. Something Damier is on my "list". LV mono will always be there...
    Did you try on? I've had some trouble with double shoulder straps staying on and that annoys me so I wonder how the straps are when worn and you're walking around.
  5. It stays on my shoulder fine. It is a snug fit because I am a large woman and my arms are bigger than most, so once it gets on my shoulder is stays there pretty easily. I really like it in the crook of my arm too.
    I agree...it is like a work of art...a sculpture.
  6. I adore the shape of the PM BUT wish it was a little larger..the MM is a good choice too:love:
  7. Good choice! I'd love to see pics when you get it :love:
  8. i totally agree with you regarding the belem looking like a sculpture, it's such a lovely piece of art. i really like the style, but too bad no matter how much i love it , i had to let go of mine. twas, mine for 2 weeks and decided to return it. the whole time it was with me i kept staring at it , admiring its beauty , however the few times i attempted to finally take it out and use it, there was something about it that just didnt feel right. it felt so weird on my arm, like i was carrying a huge ball :weird: i still think it's a very nice bag, maybe we're not meant for each other :biggrin: here's a pic of my ex lol!

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