Damier Batignolles Horizontal

  1. I am seriously thinking of Special Ordering this!!

    Does anyone know if its available thru SO??
  2. I don't know, but it would def be cute!
  3. I agree, it would be so cute! I would do it if you can
  4. Sounds interesting, but I really can't picture it.
  5. it sounds like it would be beautiful. do it!..if you can.
  6. Sounds Gorgeous!
  7. I'm not sure...usually Monogram to Damier SOs are the most common (and most possible) but I'm not sure if the Batignolles isn't a little too new for it to be SO'ed...

    definitely ask...won't hurt...
  8. I think this bag would look really cool in Damier :nuts: I hope you're able to do the SO.
  9. That would look awesome in damier. You should definitely ask about it.
  10. My SA said that LV is working ovetime to even keep up w/ current demand of it in monogram. He said they will not offer it in SO until current demand slows a bit.
  11. :evil::evil::evil:
  12. Bummer.. I guess I might as well add to the demand of the regular monogram one then. :biggrin:
  13. I can see it being absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully LV treats us to one in their Damier line soon!
  14. I'd like it. They do already make this bag below (Uzes) that's a bit similar; it even has the same styling as the Batignolles on the inside) but I don't know about the outside pockets. I saw a girl carrying it who works at the Z Gallerie here and got really excited because it was something similar to the Batignolles in Damier.