Damier Batignolles Horizontal (Photoshop)

  1. I was finally able to get my husband to help me create a bh in damier using photoshop and I thought I would share.
    test3.jpg test4.jpg
  2. oooh i like it :nuts:! it looks so much better than the Cabas bags. they should have it in Damier eventually; i'd definitely buy it!
  3. I like it too! good photoshop job :P
  4. Wow, nice.
  5. Fab!:yahoo: that is all I can say...Damier is next on my list...:nuts:
  6. oooh love it with the dark leather on it! i would definately buy that!
  7. OMG I love it with the dark original damier handles, if they ever start making this bag, I will purchase one right and sell my mono.
    Thanks so much for the pics.
  8. Wow..me likey...thanks for sharing..love it better than mono..
  9. Definitely better than Mono, IMO!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome pics!
    I love it and really want one in Damier for sure!
  10. I'd definitely buy it!! I love my bh, and it would be awesome in damier.
  11. Does anyone know if they will make this bag for certain??? I love it, and I'd get it without hesitation! I want a damier shoulder bag and I'm not too crazy about the round handles on the Seleya bags and the Chelsea bag is too big.....this one would be soooo perfect!!!!
  12. wow nice !!!:nuts:i love it! wish they had one now!:love:
  13. WOW, that's some great photoshop work right there! I like the 2nd one without the vachetta
  14. Omg DROOL! :drool: That would be such a hot bag!
  15. i would LOVE a damier BH, but not with vachetta handles... great job w/ the photoshop!