Damier bag

  1. Hi there. I am a fake Louis Vuitton user........I have purchased many fakes via Canal street in New York. Well, I finally was able to afford orginal Damier Bag at Neiman Marcus. And I find myself disappointed. I am keeping the bag I feel like it is a fake.....I see no name inside the bag and I feel uneasy about the label or one piece cut up. front side has the Louis Vuitton right side up and the other side has it upside down. The salesgirl tells me because it is one piece of material. ALso I see no in or around the bag. The lock has a number but no where in the bag do I see a number anywhere. On the side of the bag it says Luis Vuitton made in USA. Is that the way they are suspose to look. Buying fakes all the time has just disilluision me. Help.....make me feel great about my bag. Karina 1955:nuts:
  2. congrats on your real bag. what is it? if it has a lock it sounds like a speedy. the number on the lock coresponds to the key number. feel proud that you have the real deal. its a classic. you could buy a fake but it will not last you as long as the real one. it will grow on you. stick around here and it will be love for more than just your new bag i a few days lol.
  3. What style of bag did you buy? Please post pics
  4. [it is called a damier bag enclosed is pic:nuts: never mind could not download sorry....just a nebe on downloading.
  5. if you go the the louis vuitton site or eluxury.com, which of the damier bags does it look most like?

    (the following pictures are from eluxury, btw)

    Damier Speedy 25

    Damier Papillon
  6. HI there it is the Damier speedy 25....I will go into the site to view it...thanks:yahoo:

  7. your datecode is under the pocket. If you flip the pocket up, the datecode is printed on of the the tabs there.

    Congrats on your new bag!!!! :smile: