Damier Babylone!


Do you like the Damier Babylone?

  1. Yes

  2. so/so

  3. Not as much as the Damier Cabas

  4. NO

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  1. Just saw this on MyPoupette- so many people order SO Damier Cabas Mezzos it's almost like it's a mainline item- but I've never seen one of these beauties before! :drool:
  2. Really Nice!!!!! Ive seen 1 or 2 before...its so cute!!!!!!
  3. wow that's beautiful!! then again i think anything in damier is beautiful! :love:
  4. Is it for sale? Where? I want to buy it!! :yes:
  5. :heart: it! Thanks for sharing....
  6. looks nice but the bag would be wayyy too huge for me!
  7. WOW.....I can't beleive I use to hate damier, and think, "who would buy that??" Well, I'll tell ya, I prefer damier to monogram any day.....just looking at this bag makes me want it!!!! Damier rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes::drool::heart:
  8. I would so jump on that if you had a chance to purchase it. :flowers:
  9. Seems a little thin for a tote.
  10. I was just thinking of getting that but in mono, such a nice bag
  11. if i could afford it,i would carry that to school every day!
  12. I don't care for the bag itself because it's too structured, for me, but I do think it looks nice in Damier. I didn't know how to vote my sentiments on the poll...
  13. omg, breathtaking
  14. It's so cute, isnt it? :smile: