Damier Azure Speedys: Canadian Prices Messed Up!

  1. Hi everyone! I was over at the Louis Vuitton boutique today (cuz my dad wanted me to go exchange my MC Speedy 30 for Le Talentueux, which I didn't and convinced him at the store that the Speedy's more age-appropriate for me now lol). I inquired about a LOT of things and the main thing that I wanted to share with everyone is that there is most LIKELY a mistake in CANADIAN prices for the Damier Azure Speedy 25 and 30. In the following picture (which is originally from the PF), you'll see that the Speedy 30 is LESS expensive than the 25. So my SA and another SA discussed about this issue and said that the prices are REVERSED!

    Thus in short, the Speedy 25 is 645$CAD and the Speedy 30 is 670$CAD (most likely).

    PS: I'm on the waiting list for the ONATAH CUIR in AUBERGINE (1750$CAD)!!!!!! #6 in line! WOOHOOOOOOOO! Can't wait!

  2. nice!i would like to get a azur mini pochette,do you know if there is a waiting list for the small leather goods like the mini pochette?or i can wait to see them first at the lv store.

    I should visit the lv store in montreal soon too,plus today was beautiful weather but i had a cold :sad:

  3. Ehhh...I have no idea, but if you're like....DESPERATE for the first batch of arrivals, then it's a good idea to get on the wait list. Otherwise, seeing that it's a permanent line, you don't need to get in such a rush.