Damier Azure Question

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  1. So on Eluxury I saw that it says coated canvas I thought people on the PF who saw these before the release stated that they were not coated.?

    Sorry if this was already discussed, I did try to do a search of the LV board.

    I am just confused, are the bags in this line coated or not?

  2. Yes. They are made exactly like regular damier.
  3. Thanks, I was confused because I know that I read people say that they saw it was not coated and that seemed so scary considering the color!
  4. It is coated. :yes: Yea, I remember the thread. I think it's wrong info from the SA or some misunderstandings. :shrugs: But anyway I can assure you that it's coated, just like the regular damier. Saw it in the boutique last week. ;)
  5. good because that would be so hard to keep looking nice in that light color combo!
  6. It is light canvas on the inside too, just FYI :smile:
  7. Oh man so it would still be high Maintainence?
  8. ^I think it is higher maintenance that, say, regular mono dark brown lining, but I think it will be OK as long as you are careful with things like pens, lipsticks, etc:smile:

    Maybe put a pursekit in it??
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